Sunrise Engagement Photos In The Dubai Desert

Sunrise Engagement Photos In The Dubai Desert.

I remember this one photo shoot; it still warms my heart to this day.

I am usually a very warm, romantic person. I also tend to focus on finding the best angles and making magic happen with my camera.

A young Indian couple got in touch with me and told me they wanted to have engagement photos shot in the Dubai Desert. My mind immediately started churning thinking about all of the wonderful landscapes that would produce some of the best possible shots. They were unclear as to the best time to meet with me, so I suggested 4:30 am or so. I know this is the time that the sun rises and I would be able to capture them in a unique light that is unavailable at any other time of day.

He lives in Australia and she lives in London, they decided to vacation in Dubai and figured this would be the perfect setting for their engagement photos.

Sunrise engagement Dubai desert

The morning I went to meet them, the weather was absolutely perfect. It was warm without being so hot that you feel like you are being scorched from the inside. When they approached, I marveled at how attractive they were as a couple and how in love they seemed to be. Even as they introduced themselves to me, they could not take their eyes off one another. I also noticed the soft caress that he gave her arm as she spoke. All of a sudden, I yearned for a love like that.

It is almost like I didn’t have to tell them how to pose; their move made it a natural process. Right away they started to dance and run through the sand while smiling at one another and laughing at how much fun they were having. The sand was a slight reddish-yellow. But it appeared much richer when the sun started to rise and it’s rays cascaded across the desert.

While there were plenty of fun photos, there were also some that were deeply romantic, like the one where they stood in profile and you could see the sun rising between their faces. It was like time stood still at that very moment. I kept shooting, but I was taken aback at the level of emotion that was coming across on film. With some couples, they say they are in love, but it is not very easy for them to express this to others. They did not have this problem at all. In fact, I feel like they could not hide their genuine affection even if they tried.

Memories to last a lifetime

There was nothing in the background; no people, animals or anything, so the only thing that the pictures had to rely on was the way they felt. The lushness of the sand and the way that the light covered everything with arm, soft joy.  It was a very unique and romantic experience.

I have taken many photos since that morning. None of them have been anything like those I took in the Dubai Desert.  With that said, the beauty and love that I saw that morning in Dubai will never be forgotten.

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