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Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai

The love of your life has just proposed to you and the wedding bells have started ringing. Weddings are magical but require a lot of planning and preparation. Among the major planning tasks is finding and booking the ideal venue for your wedding. Today I’ll be sharing with you an amazing wedding Venue. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa is the ultimate pick of gorgeous scenery in Dubai. It is a magical place and having your wedding there will make it no less than a fairytale. You and your partner confessing love for each other in one of the most beautiful cities of the World. This is truly a dream come true.


Bab Al Shams is the ultimate getaway for desert lovers out there. It is a beautiful resort located in a beautiful location near Dubai. It is in a desert that means you will get authentic experience during your stay there. The desert is normally an extremely hot place so imagine an Oasis that contains all the modern luxuries of the world. This is where you will be staying and will probably be having the best time of your life. This beautiful resort is surrounded by peaceful gardens and pools where you can spend an amazing afternoon swimming. These two things aren’t the only thing that the resort has to offer. Bab Al Shams offers its guests amazing outdoor activities like horseback riding, cycling and archery.

Bab Al Shams has multiple venues for weddings. These venues are all unique and give out a royal and majestic vibe. There is a venue for almost every personality type.

  • Sunset Point
  • Le Dune
  • Falcon Courtyard
  • Masala Courtyard
  • Al Shurouq
  • Al Sarab
  • Al Hadheerah
  • Arena

With these wide varieties of venue options available, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Let us talk about wedding services now. Well here at Bab Al Shams Resort, you will get first-class services. You will be provided with all types of services no matter how high your demand is. Wedding flowers are among the most important elements of your wedding. Flowers stand out on your special day with their fragrance, elegance and beautiful colors. Luckily, this resort has a large floral variety to choose from. There will be original Arabic style furniture and other decoration items to give you the ultimate Arabic wedding feels. Also, there will be wedding planners available so don’t you dare for a second think that you will be left alone on the hard task of planning your wedding. We got you covered here.

Where there is a wedding, there is food. A major part of your wedding involves serving scrumptious food at your wedding. The resort is very famous for its tasty food that is prepared by highly experienced chefs. These chefs come from all around the world to work here. You can have any type of cuisine you want to be served at your wedding. But my recommendation would be to have Authentic Middle eastern cuisine because an Arabic theme wedding is incomplete without the centuries-old cuisine that reflects the great culture of the people of the Middle East. Upon choosing this cuisine, the resort will provide you with so many different, delicious options to appeal to every palette.

Now let’s get to the most exciting part of the wedding that is Photography. Photos are important because they capture precious moments and make them immortal. And whenever you look at those photos, you will relive all those moments again and again. If you want good photographs, you will need a good background and there will be plenty of amazing and breathtaking views in and around the resort.

I am Serena and I am a professional Wedding photographer working both in Dubai and Italy. From a young age, I always wanted to capture moments and photography was one way to do it. Capturing moments from the lens of my camera is now both my passion and career. I like to call myself the romantic photographer not in the sense that I am romantic at work. It means that I capture the truly loving and romantic moments between the couple on their wedding day. I’ll make photographs that you and your partner will cherish for the rest of your happy and loving life.